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Wearing Diamond Jewelry

About Haus Deco Chic


Be Bold.

Be Confident.

Be Uniquely You.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Haus Deco Chic Fashion Style, a Soul Collective Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty Blog.

Haus Deco Chic is an eccentric & beautifully eclectic fashion, style-soul collective at HDC Boutique available  at Poshmark.

For more information or to shop the latest looks, visit: 


​Haus Deco Chic is a light-hearted fashion, lifestyle & beauty blog that celebrates living a beautiful life, and all the things that make it unique.
Haus Deco Chic was birthed out of an intense yearning & desire to have an outlet for creative expression, focusing on my passions, love for all things fashion, lifestyle & beauty.


Here you’ll find all the things I love and feel most passionate about - from fashion and beauty to decor, travel & more! Beyond the blog, Haus Deco Chic encompasses my philosophy that life is about creating & living for the moments you can’t put into words!

Haus Deco Chic Closet Confidential provides you with the latest fashion-forward trends, recommendations, and helpful tips on developing your personal style and chic fashion! I also look forward to sharing with you tidbits of my life, my passions, art & cultural interests, DIYs, as well as lifestyle, relationships, great food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice.

From fashion posts, product, and service recommendations, to my more personal blog posts, Haus Deco Chic Closet Confidential creates immeasurable value!


Haus Deco Chic not only inspires but empowers you to love who you are, express yourself through your style, seek adventure & enjoyment of life every day, and, most importantly - Dare to Be Different! 

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