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Editorial & Affiliate Policy

Editorial Policy

We maintain a strict editorial policy here at Haus Deco Chic®. Our mantra is to showcase style in all aspects of life, and for all budgets. And our stories inform, entertain, and captivate.

While we may be compensated in some form for any or all of our posts, advertisements, affiliate links, etc, and we will be transparent about this. We will not write about or promote products or services that do not fit with our brand ideals.


Affiliate Policy

We use affiliate links throughout our website and emails, which are at no cost to you. When you make a purchase through one of our affiliate links, we receive a small commission from the retailer.

Haus Deco Chic® is also part of the Amazon Affiliate Program and Influencer Network. We maintain an Amazon Influencer shop and make a small commission anytime you make a purchase through one of our links.

Our use of affiliate links in no way affects the price you’d pay for an item, and it in no way affects what we recommend. Per our Editorial Policy above, we only work with companies (including our affiliate partners) that we feel will bring value to our readers and who will align with our vision of showcasing style in all areas of life.

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