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30 Affirmations for the Growth & Accountability of Women.

Updated: May 30, 2023

Positive Assertions To Make You A Better Person!

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“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” Mahatma Gandhi

I so love this quote as it speaks to the heart and power of affirmations and truer words were never spoken. Gandhi was correct, as our every thought does have the power to influence our course of action and entire lifestyle. If you overthink like many of us do, your thoughts can hinder your personal development, and keep you from becoming the best version of yourself.

You probably think that this is just some wishful, unrealistic thinking. I felt so, too, before trying affirmations myself. And YESSSS, affirmations do work! On a personal note, I love affirmations because they are amazingly useful tools that I use to pour my soul into and share with the people I have been blessed to occupy space with. Interestingly, when you walk into my home office, it is not surprising to see a wall of sticky notes full of affirmations, motivational quotes, scriptures, etc.

You can use affirmations in almost any scenario where you’d like to see a positive change. For instance, you could want to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence levels, overcome a bad habit, control negative feelings and thoughts, overcome self-sabotaging, and more. When you use and repeat affirmations regularly, preferably daily, you start believing in them and make positive changes.

In a way, daily affirmations reprogram your thinking patterns and exercise your mind. Therefore, the key to make an affirmation work is to keep reciting it, especially as soon as you start encountering the negative thought or experience you want to overcome. When self-doubt allows those mind monsters to creep in, and you find yourself questioning and second-guessing not only your choices but who you are, here are 30 affirmations that I have come across and use in my daily life as a strong black woman that constantly reminds and challenges me of my accountability, self-worth, as well as fosters my continual growth as a woman. And YES, this is for ALL WOMEN!! Not only should you use these on yourself but to affirm others as well.

HDC Tip: Before you start your affirmations, be clear with yourself about what you’re working on changing and what exactly you want out of the affirmations.

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30 Affirmations of Accountability, Self-worth, Reflection & the Fostering of Continual

Positive, Growth as a Woman.

1. I am love. I am purpose. I was made with divine intention.

2. My mistakes don’t define me. I will trust the process and celebrate myself for my progress. I am putting forth a genuine effort and will recognize that that is enough.

3. I am a magnet for blessings.

4. I am free to create my OWN reality. I have choices in all situations. Nothing stands between me and my highest good.

5. I overcome fears by following my dreams.

6. I am my best source of inspiration.

7. I choose to live a rich and purposeful life.

8. I love myself unconditionally.

9. My possibilities are endless.

10. I am worthy of love. There is nothing that can change that. I was born worthy.

11. There is something in this world that only I can do. That is why I am here.

12. I release my need to impress others. I know that I have nothing to prove. I choose to accept myself just the way I am!

13. I belong in any space I walk into.

14. I will surround myself with positive people. If there are people in my life who try to disturb or threaten my peace, leading with love, I will remove them from my space and focus on the souls I share a genuine connection with.

15. You are uniquely gifted.

16. Your faith in yourself and your mission will take you far. Take the faith and courage of the ancestors with you. Do it scared; courage is feeling fear and taking action anyway.

17. My sexuality is sacred, and I create healthy relationships. I deserve to experience life’s pleasures.

18. I give myself space to grow and learn.

19. I am filled with joy, happiness, and love.

20. I am becoming a better version of myself each day.

21. I feed my spirit. I train my body. I focus my mind. It’s my time.

22. I embrace my full potential, even if it makes others feel uncomfortable. I am meant to do big things. I embrace that.

23. I celebrate my victories and embrace my failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

24. My brown skin is beautiful, and it even absorbs sunlight!

25. I was built this way for a reason, so I’m going to use it.

26. I Matter.

27. Don’t get stuck.

28. I deserve to evolve.

29. Feelings are your personal property.

30. I critically question and reject negative stereotypes and society’s lowered expectations of black women leaders.


This is just a glimpse of the many ways you can use affirmations for women in your day-to-day life, and I genuinely hope that by just going through every assertion, you felt some sort of motivation and positive commitment that your life is nowhere as bad as it feels like. Use these affirmations to reinforce positive thoughts in your mind and make them your new norm. And if you need to, tackle one positive affirmation at a time!

Always remember - Every single day is worth living; so, unleash the life of your dreams by bombarding your subconscious with confidence and certainty to replace the extra baggage of negative thoughts and beliefs. You’ll thank yourself later.

So, there you have it, our top 30 affirmations that I use in my daily life and practice that remind you of your accountability, self-worth and fosters continual growth as a woman.

If you start repeating, journaling, or doing mirror work with some of these affirmations, let us know which promises you used and how they made you feel! We would love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

I’ll be back soon with a new post, and in the meantime, you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Bloglovin’ . You can also contact me via e-mail if you’d like to ask a question, need friendly advice, or chat.

Live, Laugh & Love Always, Tiffany

Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Uniquely YOU.

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