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Play More & Learn More with Money Games!

Free Online Financial Video Games for Kids


is not only for adults; it also has a gaming section that offers FREE online entrepreneur, business, & money management

video games for kids!

PLAY NOW! Hop over & check out Money Games today and see for yourself, but I must warn you, you'll get hooked!


If you’re looking to teach your children about financial literacy, the best and most practical way to do it is through games. And we all know that finding free, educational, yet entertaining browser-based video games for kids to play these days is no easy task. Many sites are inappropriate for children and sometimes contain viruses, malware, or crypto-mining software. The internet is not the safest, so always check so-called free sites with the Google Safe Browsing site status before you or your children start playing.

After doing some searching, I came across  Money Games by – Free Online Financial Video Games For Kids. The site passed the Google Safe Browsing test, so I decided to give it a try, and it has become a favorite way to pass the time!

Money Games is packed full of web browser-enabled games, no fancy apps, no using up your mobile phone memory, and best of all, no money is required to progress on the games. All the games are free and are full-length, too, ideal for kids and adults alike.

What's even cooler - You can play Money Games with your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

And for Money Games to offer free games, I was amazed at the quality of their content. Many of the games and the gaming experience are like the games I’ve downloaded and played on my mobile. I love that they are simple enough for kids to play, but they can also learn good money management and financial responsibility from playing them.

Below are some of my favs on the Mortgage Calculator – Money Games site, so be sure to check'em out!

Real Estate Tycoon Game

In Real Estate Tycoon, property prices rise and fall. Your goal is to profit from the arbitrage of buying low and selling high.

The Burger Shop Game

Burger Shop is a timed 10-stage burger restaurant simulation game where players must serve the customer's order precisely.

LEGO City Adventures Build & Protect Game

In LEGO City Adventures Build & Protect, players help Mayor Solomon Fleck build a LEGO city using various buildings, which earn tax revenues that can be spent to help build out the rest of your city.

The Jewel Shop Game Jewel Shop is a simple jewelry store simulation game.

Money Games is Definitely a WINNEr!

Overall, I think Money Games from Mortgage is a WINNER, and it’s not just for kids! Adults can certainly get in on the action too! 😊 There's so much variety, choices, and fun games to play. And, most of all, I love that there aren't any pop-up ads or demos… Just fun and free gaming for the entire family.

Get Started Here!

Pop over & check out Money Games

& see for yourself, but I must warn you,

you'll get hooked! ✨

Play More & Learn More with Money Games - Free Online Financial Video Games for Kids!

Enjoy & have fun!

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