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Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Updated: May 30, 2023

11 Reasons to Keep It Real & Go Makeup-Free!

Beauty is a state of mind, taking

on many shapes & forms.

As a young woman, my mother raised me to embrace my natural beauty and features, which allowed me to become a confident woman from the inside out. Yet, I can undoubtedly remember when my passion for makeup began in college, which for many, is late to learn the ins and outs of wearing makeup. Admittedly, I still enjoy going without makeup quite often, and when I do wear makeup, I wear just enough to accentuate my natural features.

With that being said, for many women applying makeup takes dedication and time. It’s definitely a beautiful thing if you love wearing makeup and having that flawless look, but if you’re like me, that daily routine can become cumbersome and tiring.


Wouldn’t it be great to go makeup-free for a few days, weeks, or a month? Of course, it would! So, take a few deep breathes and just do it! Trust me when I say your skin will thank you. I still love my dolled-up look, but spending a few days without makeup does your soul good!

Below are a few reasons for & benefits you’ll experience when going makeup-free & being a #makeuplessbeauty:

  • HDC REASON #1: Your natural look is gorgeous.

Remember to embrace your natural beauty! You look even more amazing with no makeup on at all. It’s also kind of a big beauty trend for many, including a few noteworthy celebs right now.

  • HDC REASON #2: Your skin will become more balanced.

Often an issue associated with wearing makeup it that it increases oil production, causing clogged pores and pimples. By avoiding the application of foundation and blush, the skin is allowed to return to its natural oil balance and hydration.

Additionally, by not wearing makeup, utilizing a daily toner or over-washing your skin to remove makeup, which strips the skin of its natural oil balance, can be minimized further, allowing the skin to readjust to its natural state.

  • HDC REASON #3: Your makeup obsession can be an expensive habit!

Within the last year, think about how much you’ve spent on makeup – lipgloss, foundation, concealer, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, highlighter, bronzer, etc. Over time, those small costs definitely add up. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a foundation that will most likely clog your pores and lead to future breakouts, you could invest in a high performance facial cream or serum that will improve your skin’s natural appearance.

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  • HDC REASON #4: Your fine facial lines will appear less prominent.

Wearing #makeup, especially foundations & powder makeup, can rest in fine lines and wrinkles and can actually make them appear more pronounced, especially around the eyes. Also, remember, the process of removing makeup nightly can result in the pulling of the skin regularly, which can affect skin elasticity and accelerate aging.

  • HDC REASON #5: Your lashes will look & feel fuller.

If you’re a mascara lover, it’s okay to give your lashes a break. Stop using the mascara and witness the magic. You will realize that your lashes are getting longer and healthier day by day. Prolonged #mascara wear and usage can cause lash breakage or fall out. Forgoing mascara for a while can also aid in alleviating eye irritation and rubbing, whereby causing fewer lashes to fall out, and allowing the density of the lashes to normalize, causing your lashes to look and appear better naturally and be thicker than they were with mascara.

  • HDC REASON #6: Limiting bacteria exposure to your skin.

By not wearing makeup, you are not unnecessarily exposing your delicate facial skin to bacteria, which thrive in the #makeupapplicationbrushes and #makeuppalettes you use daily. Even if you’re washing your brushes regularly, bacteria can remain in them and in the makeup itself. Moreover, most women apply their makeup in the bathroom, exposing their products to other types of bacteria, which can further contaminate your makeup.

  • HDC REASON #7: Decreasing acne flare-ups & irritation.

Unlike many skincare product ingredients, which penetrate into your skin, makeup sits on top of your skin. This coverage may affect your skin’s sebum production and its natural hydration because skin behaves differently depending on external factors like humidity.

  • HDC REASON #8: Have more time to sleep in or whatever you desire!

As women, we all spend from 10 minutes to an hour each day applying our makeup. And although the results are amazing, just imagine what you could do with that extra time – a quick workout or run to start the day, a long bubble bath, or preparing a full breakfast with coffee. Add the time you spend doing your makeup, and then tell me if it’s not a great reason to at least try & go makeup-free for a few days, week, even a month!

  • HDC REASON #9: You can feel more confident in yourself & your youthful appearance!

Of course, not wearing makeup will feel awkward, but you’ll quickly realize others don’t care, and your skin will be glowing, allowing you to feel more confident knowing you’re just as beautiful without all the makeup.

  • HDC REASON #10: You will appreciate your true beauty & self!

Many women start wearing makeup because they feel pressured to do so. If you’re happy with your appearance, don’t ever feel your face should be covered up with tons of makeup. It’s liberating to embrace your natural beauty and flaws while having an overall satisfaction and love of your true beauty, appearance & self.

  • HDC REASON #11: That truly special person in your life doesn’t care.

One of the sweetest compliments I often receive from my husband is that he loves to see me without makeup because that’s when my true beauty and glow come through!

You have to keep the relationship real, and if your significant other doesn’t like to see you without makeup, then you may want to keep your options open, as he or she may not be your idyllic partner. Furthermore, if your partner is that superficial and not willing to be with you for better or for worse, natural-looking, or made-up, then he or she doesn’t deserve you… #period!

Lastly, if you genuinely enjoy having your makeup routine and wearing makeup daily, then, by all means, continue doing what makes you happy! However, if you wear makeup it because to cover up imperfections, try going makeup-free a few days a week.

It’s truly liberating - make the change & you’ll start to see and feel a noticeable difference in your skin and overall appearance!

Dare to Be Different!

Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Uniquely YOU.

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