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Look Down … Fashion Starts At Your Soles!

Updated: May 30, 2023

5 Shoe Styles Every Fashionista Should Own.

Let's be honest - As women, we all love shoes, there is no doubting that fact, And although it's not unusual for a woman to have a closet filled with shoes, as I do, there are at least five types of #shoes no woman should be without.

Of course, the more the merrier always rings true, and the fact of the matter is a shoes is not just a shoe. A woman's fashion truly starts at her soles! Shoes are a reflection of the personal style of the wearer, and it can make or break a modd and a look in more ways than one! And, having these five styles in your closet and apart of your wardrobe will help ensure your to reign supreme as a shoe fashionista!

Here's my pick of the top 5 must-have shoe styles that will update & add the chic to your wardrobe!

The Neutral Pump:

Every woman should have a basic pump in a neutral shade, whether it be black, brown, tan, gray, or taupe. Taupe works the bestt as it can wwrk with shades of black and brown as well as anything esle, but at the very least one pair in a neutral color that works with most of the contents of your closet is needed.

The pump is possibly the most versatile shoe in the world; it can go with anu putfit from dresses and skirts to slacks and jeans with unimaginable ease, and it works great in every season. It is truly timeless and is definitely a shoe must.

Below are a few of my favorite shoes & looks to

inspire your Neutral Pump search:

The Boot & Bootie :

While the color & style are personal preferences, a tall neutral style will be the most versatile. We all love the riding, and over the knee boots & whether flat or heeled, a tall boot will work with pants and skirts, and a neutral shade will work with most outfits.

And there is no shama in having a little fun with the color and your design choice, as your selections are abundant. Even better are the ever-so fashionably chic booties. They can be dressed up or down. And remember, they are the mostt important thing is that there is be a boot available for wear at a moment's notice in the fall and winter.

Below are a few of my favorite shoes & looks to

inspire your Boot & Bootie search:

The Ballet Flat:

Ballet flats are a casual and versatile pair of shoes which are a practical choice for everyday activities like hanging out, shopping, traveling, or work. This type of shoe is influenced by the style of the soft ballet slipper but intended to be used in the casual environment and comes without a heel or a very thin heel. A few basic colors like brown metallic and black will make it possible to wear these shoes with the widest range of outfits possible.

Below are a few of my favorite shoes & looks to

inspire your Ballet Flat search:

The Strappy Heeled Sandal:

Most women have more than one style of sandal in their closet, but even if you are not a big fan, every woman should have at least one pair of strappy heeled sandals on standby. Style and heel height are up to personal preference, and in this case, color is too.

There are so many multi-colored varieties that it is possible for a really fun pair to work great with a number of clothing options. Strappy heeled sandals are the boots of spring and summertime, and they work equally well with casual and dressier styles as well as skirts and pants. Go from a dress to jeans easily and never change shoes or lose style points.

Below are a few of my favorite shoes & looks to

inspire your Strappy Heeled Sandal search:

The Athletic Shoe:

There comes a time when all feet just need a break, and that is what the athletic shoe is. It is a big comfy nap for your feet. Find the perfect pair and keep them handy for workouts or for just hanging out when putting in the effort is just too much effort.

Below are a few of my favorite shoes & looks to

inspire your Athletic Shoe search:

Remember – A fashionista’s entire style & look starts at her soles! And, with these staple shoe selections, you can Effortlessly add chic, elegance and sophistication to your total look and appearance.

Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Uniquely YOU!

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