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Meet Tiffany

A fashionista, and style & cultural maven -Lover of life, people, travel, fashion, art, culture, interior decorating & design. 

Thank you for taking the time to visitb my fashion, lifestyle & beauty blog. 

Mississippi-Born | Texas-Raised | God 1st  | Wife | Lover of Life, Family & Friends | Fashion & Interior Design Passion | Travel Addict | Art & Culture Enthusiast | Extreme Foodie


As a world traveler and cultural connoisseur, I have an extreme passion and love for people, fashion & interior design.  I enjoy visiting different countries, meeting new people, and truly learning their history while embracing their culture. 
Haus Deco Chic provides you with the latest fashion-forward trends, recommendations, and helpful tips on developing your personal style and chic fashion! I also look forward to sharing with you tidbits of my life, my passions, art & cultural interests, DIYs, as well as lifestyle, relationships, great food, fashion, beauty, and travel advice. From fashion posts, product, and service recommendations to my more personal blog posts, I hope Haus Deco Chic creates immeasurable value for you!

Faith, family & love are at the core of my life. And I firmly believe with hard work, dedication, and dreams, anything can be achieved! As the face & voice behind Haus Deco Chic, my mission is simple: To inspire, empower & positively impact women to love who they are, express themselves through their own personal style - seek adventure & enjoyment of life every day, and, most importantly - Dare to be Different!

Remember to always live, laugh & love!
Haus Deco Chic | Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Uniquely YOU! 

Ciao Bella!

Tiffany R. Sylvester
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Haus Deco Chic Fashion & Style Soul Collective | Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

Did   You Know...

I have two brothers

I am the only girl & oldest of three

I grew up in Houston

I was an army brat

I wrote for my school newspaper in high school

I don't like watching scary/horror movies, but love zombie & end of the world type movies

I LOVE the Hallmark & Lifetime Channels

I have one tattoo

All  My Favorites...

FOOD: Pizza & King Crab Legs

MUSIC: Anything 90's & 2000's

MOVIE: Mahogany

SEASON: Winter & Spring

HOLIDAY: My Birthday & Christmas

COLOR: Gold & Olive Green

HOBBY: Painting, Interior Decorating & DIY Projects

ANIMAL: Elephants & Giraffes

TRAVEL: Italy, Switzerland & Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

DESSERT: Tiramisu

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