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What's Your Travel Personality Style?

Updated: May 30, 2023

The Joys of Experiencing Various Types of Travel

Travel is a pleasure and luxury we all love to take advantage of. The joys, experiences, and memories gained through travel are abundant.

Yet, the way you travel can totally change your experience. As travelers, no trip is the same, as we could all visit the same destination, yet depending on your travel personality style, our perspective and interpretations of that destination could be completely opposite.

There are numerous traveler types, and each has its own partiality and motives for traveling. And with this diversity, you may encounter a traveler who is motivated by thrill, self-improvement even escapism. Nevertheless, regardless of the type of traveler, traveling is a form of rejuvenation, self-discovery, culinary pursuit, and often times cultural awakening.

From the traveler who enjoys being in large groups to the adventure-seeking enthusiast, solo explorer, and every style in between, we'll take a look at several of the more popular travel personality styles and see if one of them fits your travel personality lifestyle.

While there's no right or wrong way to travel, here are my selections for the top 9 Travel Personality Styles!

HDC STYLE #1: The Better In A Group Traveler

For the Better In A Group Traveler, this traveler will go anywhere, as long as they're in great company, whether known or unknown. The more people together, the better! The Better In A Group Traveler loves exploring new destinations and sight-seeing in groups of friends, family members, and other tourists.

This traveler definitely makes the most of their vacay and can make a party and fun wherever they go and whomever they are with. You can typically find the Better In A Group Traveler connected and interacting with those in their group following a heavy sight-seeing itinerary and schedule, visiting as many places as possible during their fast-paced vacay.


  • You don't have to worry about planning your daily itinerary.

  • Meet and bond with other travelers from all over the world & even make a few new friends .

  • Get to see a lot in a short amount of time.


  • No sleeping in. You'll always be on the go.

  • Activities are already set, so there is less flexibility.

  • You may not get to see everything you want to see.

  • Exhaustion - You're going to need a vacation after the vacation!

HDC STYLE #2: The Ever-So Chic Fashionista Traveler

For the Ever-So Chic Fashionista Traveler, travel involves being dressed to the nines, and they are the style-loving vacationers who travel throughout the world and seek to find new, chic fashion & style inspiration.

A few of the most desired fashion meccas of the world and desired destinations for the Ever-So Chic Fashionista Traveler include Paris, France, London, England, Madrid, Spain, Zurich, Switzerland, New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, & of course Milan, Italy!

And any true fashionista knows it! As these are the hubs that attract most of the experts and professionals from the fashion industry. Of course, being a fashionista myself, one of my favorite places to shop when vacationing in Europe is of course, Harrod's in London. Ladies, if you haven't been, it's a'll thank me later!


  • Travel in style…Dressed to impress from head to toe!

  • Luxurious accommodations with all the amenities. Who doesn't like to be spoiled & pampered?

  • Travel when it's convenient for you.

  • You'll feel well-rested and like an actual vacation because shopping is NOT a chore!


  • Very expensive.

  • Expensive shipping, especially when sending items back internationally.

HDC STYLE #3: The Purposeful Business Traveler

For the Purposeful Business Traveler, travel is not for pleasure; it's a necessary means to an end, and most of the time, strictly for business. At times, the Purposeful Business Traveler may be able to immerse themselves in the enjoyment and fun of being in a different city, state even country. Yet, overall they are typically either too consumed with their business or suffering from extreme exhaustion to thoroughly enjoy the destinations they're visiting.

One of the best things about corporate travel is that your company usually pays for everything. Being paid to fly first class and stay in luxurious hotels is a great way to see the world. You may consider adding on an extra day to your trip at your own expense. That way, you can spend more time exploring the city and combine your business trip with a mini-vacation.


  • All expenses are paid for, allowing you to get paid to travel.

  • You can add a few days on to your business trip to actually enjoy and make is a mini-vacay.


  • You don't have a choice of where you're going.

  • You'll spend a lot of time working instead of enjoying your locale.

HDC STYLE #4: The Roughing It, Backpack Traveler

The Roughing It, Backpack Traveler is the kind of traveler who loves to literally travel far, travel light, and explores diverse destinations. Roughing It, Backpack Travelers typically prefer independent travel, on a small budget for long periods. Totally money-conscious, the backpack traveler is always looking for the most economical deal, whether it be lodging, food, or a memento, and they always haggle over prices.

Indeed, Roughing It, Backpack Travelers love to truly rough it along with trying to get the most out of every excursion & experience. They refuse to be burdened with conventional rules and indulge themselves in every possible opportunity. Plus, they are usually prepared for anything and everything. Definitely falls into the adventurous category! Interestingly, as much as the backpack traveler hates sticking to any routine and love being viewed as free spirits, they are easily identifiable when traveling by the tool that provides flexibility while providing them with their daily comforts…of course, it's their backpacks!


  • Not having to save a lot to travel.

  • Hostels typically have a great community built around them.

  • Getting to see more of the world for less.


  • To make the most of it, you must have a flexible schedule.

  • Some destinations won't be conducive to budget travel.

  • More planning is involved.

  • Less personal space.

  • Difficult & risky to travel with many electronics (mobile, camera, laptop, tablet, video cam).

HDC STYLE #5: The Adventure, Thrill-Seeking Traveler

For the Adventure, Thrill-Seeking Traveler, the more adrenaline rushes, the better - whether it's climbing #MtHood, taking an exciting helicopter rides over the #GrandCanyon, diving off a cliff into the pristine waters in #Hawaii or a bungee jumping off a canyon. The Adventure, Thrill-Seeking Traveler has a carefree, careless attitude and an appetite for true, nerve-wracking!

You definitely won't find the Adventure, Thrill-Seeking Traveler at Disney World, or on a white sandy beach resort relaxing, enjoying Mai-Tais and massages, but you can undoubtedly find the hiking or climbing a mountain or free-falling off a cliff!


  • Visit places, hikes, and areas that the majority of people wouldn't visit.

  • Challenge yourself and earn what you see!

  • You get a greater appreciation of a place.


  • Exhaustion - You're going to need a vacation after the vacation!

  • Destinations can be scary and challenging to get to.

  • It can be weather dependent, so you have to be flexible.

  • Risky to travel with many electronics (mobile, camera, laptop, tablet, video cam).

HDC STYLE #6: The Nostalgic Collector Traveler

The Nostalgic Collector Traveler loves to document their travel journeys and excursions by taking tons of pictures and/or videos. They enjoy tours, excursions, visiting historical sights to document their escapades along the way. You can also be confident that they will pick up lots of trinkets and mementos to remember their vacation.

The Nostalgic Collector Traveler is also one who is well-prepared for travel and has an itinerary of places to go and things to do. Once they've returned from their vacations, shortly after, the Nostalgic Collector Traveler will be calling for a movie/picture night, as they will have hours of footage and images to show friends and family reflecting on their travels, so get your popcorn and wine ready!


  • Visit numerous cultures, landmarks, and attractions

  • You get a great view of all sights encountered.

  • Tons of memories, images, and the video gained.


  • More planning is involved.

  • Risky to travel with many electronics (mobile, camera, laptop, tablet, video cam).

  • Exhaustion - You're going to need a vacation after the vacation!

  • Can't genuinely appreciate the time with friends, spouse, or family because you were glued to a camera!

HDC STYLE #7: The Advanced Planning Traveler

The Advanced Planning Traveler ensures that their entire vacation is well-thought-out, and every day of their holiday is accounted for. The Advanced Planning Traveler loves traveling to any destination, but always has excursions and any to-do's designated ahead of time. Spontaneity is not apart of their vocabulary!

Of course, the Advanced Planning Traveler books all of their accommodations, excursions, and tours well in advance. Categorically everything is planned in advance, allowing for zero chance of anything going wrong. Accordingly, they also have extras packed for those what-if situations and are ALWAYS protected with trip insurance.


  • Visit numerous cultures, landmarks, and attractions.

  • Everything is pre-planned.


  • No spontaneity.

  • Your time is consumed and all accounted for.

  • Can't genuinely appreciate the time with friends, spouse, or family because you were glued to a camera!

HDC STYLE #8: The Chilled Out & Retreat Seeker Traveler

For the Chilled Out & Retreat Seeker Traveler, staying chill and total R & R are the goals for their vacation. Give them an all-inclusive resort stay, a pool, or beach with drink service, and they will be content. Being away from the demands of a fast-paste life is critical.

The Chilled Out & Retreat Seeker Traveler travels to chill and relax with their spouse, partner, or a few friend and family, without any excess planning. Often a tropical island, their favorite destinations can be anywhere as long as they can totally rest, relax and rejuvenate. Accordingly, the Chilled Out & Retreat Seeker Traveler loves the tropical sun will happily spend their entire vacay laying out and sleeping on the beach, sipping cocktails, eating, and relaxing all day.


  • All-inclusive stays – Eat, drink, and be lazy!

  • Total flexibility.

  • Sleep in and be well-rested.

  • Spontaneous and can do whatever you feel up to doing or just relax on the beach.


  • You may spend your entire time on the resort and not experience the actual destination.

  • It can be expensive!

And last, but certainly not least…

HDC STYLE #9: The First-Class Experience Traveler

Two words are used to describe the First Class Experience Traveler… Pure Luxury! Traveling in first class in lux comfort and style, staying at the most beautiful and exclusive hotels, while eating at the best restaurants is their ultimate idea for a vacay.

As the name implies, First Class Experience Traveler certainly loves traveling in absolute luxury and enjoys only the best things life can offer while vacationing. Perfection throughout their vacation is key. From enjoying luxurious spa amenities or having exclusive access to any event, club, or excursion, its VIP treatment all the way!


  • Travel in unbelievable style and poshness.

  • Enjoy luxurious accommodations with all the amenities.

  • Total pampering and catering to your needs

  • Amazing food!

  • Travel when it's convenient for you.

  • You'll feel well-rested and like an actual vacation because shopping is NOT a chore!


  • Very expensive.

  • You will come home with a much lighter bank account.

  • Expensive shipping, especially when sending items back internationally.

Ironically, when I look through all of these travel personality styles, I can find pieces and positives from each one, where I would fall into at specific times…The best part is, whether you're vacationing alone, with a significant other, family or a group, you'll have fun exploring all nine travel personality styles.

So now it's your turn – What travel personality style category do you fall into? We would love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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