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Closet Decluttering 101

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Your Guide to Organizing & Cleaning Out Your Closet!

Whether you have a small wardrobe or spacious walk-in closet, knowing how to clean and declutter your closet is essential as the seasons change. As we start summer, warm-weather clothing needs to be easy to find and ready to wear. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find your favorite sundress, and it is hidden by your winter sweaters. And going through your closet seasonally to declutter can seem like a daunting task; however, it will pay off as you make room for those new styles and must-haves.

Hеrе are ѕоmе #grеаttiрѕ to hеlр уоu clean, declutter and organize your closet & wardrobe! By following these easy to follow seasonal closet organization tips, you’ll make this routine and make more room for an updated look and the always fun retail therapy!

HDC STEP #1: Decide Which Pieces You Want To Keep

Take everything out of your closet or go section by section and make a tough

choice — what do you want to keep? If you’ve gathered a lot of clothing in your wardrobe, you may have to make a lot of cuts, especially if you plan on getting new pieces for the season. Try to limit the clothing you keep & focus on the following:

  • Wardrobe Staple Clothing These are your MUST-Keep items. Having staple clothing pieces in your closet will help you create a variety of outfits with any new clothing you get. Solids, neutral colors, and simple textured pieces are generally the right styles to create #wardrobestaple looks, based on what your usual dress type and look. i.e. #Denim / #Jeans qualify as a staple for some as they are generally extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down. When selecting your staple clothing, only keep the items you are certain to wear.

  • Your Favorite Clothing Cleaning out your closet doesn’t mean you need to get rid of all your fashion favs. Whether they’re comfortable, well-worn, or just have sentimental value, if you have pieces you love and can’t part with, keep them in your wardrobe. But make sure you’ll wear them.

Declutter Rule #1: If you haven’t worn it - Give it up! If you haven’t worn those for more than two years, you WILL NOT wear them, so toss them aside!
  • Transitional & Versatile Clothing Lighter fabric, short-sleeved, items that create layers are transitional and versatile, allowing for use year-round seasonal use. Make sure you hold onto these pieces, as they ensure your wardrobe remains fashionably-functional, creating a unique & versatile style.

  • Seasonal Clothing Although we’ve just entered the summer season, fall is just around the corner and brings cooler temps. When decluttering and cleaning, its good to arrange your wardrobe by the seasons because you will need your lighter sweaters, jackets, and other warmer items soon. Create piles starting with the current season you’ere in and sort what you like and know you’ll wear once the seasons change. If you have additional space apart from your closet, store your out-of-season clothing to allow space in your wardrobe for the current season.

Declutter Rule #2: If it doesn’t fit - Give it up! Try on your KEEP items, if they fall into the categories above, to make sure they’re still wearable. If not, get rid of them!

HDC STEP #2: Decide What Items

You Want To Get Rid An extremely useful tip for cleaning out your closet and #decluttering is saying goodbye & adios to some or many of your clothes. If, after going through your closet, your KEEP pile is still more substantial than your wardrobe can hold, then go back through your them and see if you can manage to part with a few additional pieces.

  • Clothes You Haven’t Worn One of the most significant factors to cleaning out your closet is that if you can’t remember wearing an item of clothing within 1-2 years - It’s time to say goodbye, adios! An excellent way to keep track of the pieces you haven’t worn is to hang all of your clothing with the hanger facing backward. When you wear them, turn the clothes hanger around. And, at the end of each year, get rid of any pieces that are still reverse-facing on your hanger.

  • Clothes That Don’t Fit Maybe something shrunk in the wash, or it’s just not your size anymore. You may be able to get rid of clothes that don’t fit based on what you haven’t worn in a year, but you can always double-check and try on pieces you aren’t sure of. If they feel uncomfortable, it’s time to ditch them.

Declutter Rule #3: If they are out of style - Give it up! All good things must come to an end & this applies to your clothing! Fashion trends come and go, so get rid of pieces that were in style for the season to make room for our next bold look!
  • Out of Style Clothes If you’ve filled your closet with seasonal fashions & trends, you’ll eventually find a few sections that are stuck in the past. While I love a good throw-back look & there’s nothing wrong with reviving trends from the past, you’ll undoubtedly want to make room for more in-style, #fashionable pieces.

  • Clothes That Need Repairs We’ve all had them…the killer dress, skirt or pantsuit that required altering, a hem stitched, broken zipper or button replaced. Unless you have sewing skills and the time to alter these pieces, they will be taking up valuable closet real estate. If you can repair these pieces, only keep items that require minor alterations.

Declutter Rule #4: If you have clothes in good condition, but you know you aren't going to wear them - Give them up & donate them!

HDC STEP #3: Donate the Items You No Longer Wear We all have a section of our closet that doesn’t get much wear. So, have a try-on session and separate these pieces into a “keep” and “donate” pile. If your clothes are in good condition, and you don’t want them, consider donating them to help someone in need.

Be sure to check the guidelines of your local donation centers

to make sure they’re in the right condition.

Remember, your local Goodwill Thrift Stores & Donation Centers are always great places to #donateclothing. When you make a donation with Goodwill, it truly changes lives in your community by providing jobs and quality goods at discounted prices for many throughout your area. And, the best part - #Goodwill makes giving easy to donate throughout the year – and your donations are considered tax-deductible charitable contributions! How cool is that?!


HDC STEP #4: Maintain the Organization of Your

Clutter-Free Closet Don’t go through the organization process only to end up with a cluttered closet again after a few weeks. Be #clutterfree and stay on top of things by maintaining a well-maintained closet

& wardrobe!

Start with how you hang your clothes. With an organized #closetsystem, you can reach or walk in and know where everything is. Having an organized space also makes it easier to put your clothes away after doing laundry. There are numerous ways to organize your closet - find the way that works best for you with these tips:

  • Organize Clothing by Color Color-coordinating is always a neat look for a wardrobe. If you put together outfits based on colors you enjoy wearing, then hanging your #clothesbycolor is an excellent and satisfying way to stay organized. When you have a particular clothing item you want to wear, you can look in that color section. It also makes putting clothes away easier, since everything will have a definite place!

  • Organize Clothing by Purpose With diverse wardrobes for professional/work purposes, special events, weekends, worship, workouts, and more, your closet can look and become a tad topsy-turvy. Separate your clothing based on your reasons for wearing them. Since they are utilized more often, keep your professional attire in the front for easy accessibility. Likewise, place other styles, like semi-formal & #formalwear, towards the back of your closet, since those pieces aren’t used as much. If you have multi-clothing, place them behind your professional wear as this allows you to maintain distinctive categories.

  • Organize Clothing by Where You Live The weather where you live is another right way to base how your wardrobe is systematized. Depending on the climate, categorize warm-weather clothing together, like shorts, skirts, #sundresses, short dresses, and short-sleeved shirts to one side and place cold-weather items on the other side. If you have versatile pieces to wear and layer, keep those in the middle area for easy access. Either way, closet organization works best when you find the method that suits your needs, so have fun with it!


HDC STEP #5: Purchase New Clothing for the Upcoming Seasons! The great thing about #decluttering and #closetorganization is that you’ll have space to add a few new pieces to your collection. And we can help in that area! Check out Haus Deco Chic - Fashion & Style Soul Collective for the latest designs and trendy, fashion-forward pieces at affordable prices you’ll love!

With these easy-to-follow closet organization tips, you'll create your own gorgeous, spacious gem & add a few new additions from #HausDecoChic, & become the envy of all! Happy Decluttering & Organizing!

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