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How To Stay Fashion-Ready At Home

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Helpful tips for staying dressed to impressed when working from home.

Over the last several weeks, we've all either been a part of or have seen some of the hilarious online meeting stories regarding the epic working from home clothing cam fails, where people are either partially or inappropriately dressed.

And, with many of us working or attending school from home now, I know there is temptation to wear your PJs all day - I can definitely relate! It’s hard to get motivated to get dressed when there is zero chance you’ll be leaving the house. But if you’re like me, your day is filled with online meetings, #Zoommeetings or webinars, where you need to be neat in case you are asked a question or need to present on cam.

Here are a few helpful tips to stay #fashionablyready, yet comfy while you’re home!

Stay Ready & Dress For Your Goals

No one outfit works for all occasions. Getting dressed is all about context. Dress how you normally would for your profession or at school, but with a few modifications. And although we all share the commonality of staying at home, we each perform diverse responsibilities throughout the day. When deciding what to wear, make sure to find pieces that will propel you to carry out your goals.

As a #professional, keep it simple and wear what you'd typically wear to the office or go for a more #businesscasual look. This regime will help you get into “work mode.” For many work at home professionals, it’s essential to strive for a more attractive professional, casual look. Suggestions - Slacks or nice #denim jeans paired with a blouse, or my fav & go-to, a cute A-line dress with a wide belt or a sundress.

Dresses: The right dress can be an excellent choice because they don’t constrict the body when sitting for long periods. The right #dress is substantially more comfortable than pants. Opting to wear a dress also means you only have to think of one article of clothing in the morning. Suggestions - A cute A-line dress with a wide belt, sundress, a T-shirt dress or a #skater- type dress.

Shoes: This is an area I feel can be totally lax, as I personally do not wear heels around my home. You’ll always catch me in a pair of cute, comfy slippers, and I am just as productive! However, if shoes are something you need to feel genuinely put together, go for some #ballet flats or a pair of flat sandals. This is the time to give your feet a rest from the daily wear of heels.

Accessories: When you’re at home, do not underestimate the power of merely accessorizing. Wearing a bracelet, small necklace, or dangle earrings can work wonders for how feminine you feel. If #jewelry is not your thing, play around with hair wraps & scarves.

A Huge part of feeling put together is your home beauty routine - hair & make-up.

This is a great time to scale back your morning routine, which will save you time & will give your face and hair a break from the regular daily usage of heat and chemicals.

Hair Styles

Now is a great time to let your hair breathe and avoid the heat and elements. Here are a few quick and easy-to-do, heat-free style tips:

  • For a sleek look, style your hair into a ponytail. For some added flair, add a stylish hair clip.

  • For a simple & classic look, style your hair back into a bun, using a bun donut for a more tailored.

  • For a more fashion-forward look, wear a colorful #turban or #headwrap.


To freshen up your look without wearing a full face of make-up while home, here are a few tips depending on your preference and events of your day.

  • Comfy-Chic: Wash your face, gentle moisturizer, drink a glass of water, tinted lip gloss and wear sunscreen if you’re going outside

  • Mid-Chic: Tinted moisturizer, a sweep of highlight, #lipgloss, curl your lashes + do everything from the “comfy-chic” level

  • At Home Chic & Ready Look: Tinted moisturizer and foundation/powder, subtle eyeliner, add a pop of color to your lips with your fav lip gloss or lipstick, plus do everything from the “mid-chic” & “comfy-chic” levels.

By keeping your make-up natural and less frequent, you are truly giving your skin a break. Who knows, by lightning up your make-up you may even start to love the more natural look and change your daily routine when you re-enter the world.

At the end of the day, clothing provides confidence and is used as a tool to help you accomplish your goals, feel attractive, and of course, start your day off right.

It’s your choice, but you always make an impression, so choose well and see what a difference a pretty, simple, yet comfy dress and the “At Home, Chic & Ready Look” can make on your at-home work productivity!

With these easy to follow fashion tips, you’ll be sure to stay fashionably ready, yet comfy while home!

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