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Increase Your Work Productivity at Home

Updated: May 30, 2023

6 Practical Tips To Reduce Distractions When Working-From-Home

The COVID-19 epidemic has allowed many companies to rethink their work from home policies, to allow more of their employees the opportunities to work remotely. And frankly speaking, many people relish the opportunity when their ability to occasionally work from home, yes the #Coronavirus has left many people with no alternative but to stay put at home to conduct and complete their workdays. Although there are numerous positives to doing this, including extra sleep, a stress-free commute, as well as savings, abound. Nevertheless, working remotely is not without its difficulties, particularly if you already exhibit negative work behaviors. From pajamas to well-meaning but demanding children or pets, if you have either, to your favorite Lifetime movie, distractions and temptations are endless when working remotely.

Here are several #greattips that are practical, & will help

to reduce distractions when you're working-from-home:

HDC TIP #1: Start Your Days at Home Like a Normal Workday & Get Dressed It is awesome when you can take a little extra time sleeping in when you don't have a commute into the office. However, it is vital to not deviate from your regular morning work routine. If you #meditate, practice #yoga or work out in the morning before work, continue with that schedule. And by all means, get dressed, just as you would go into the office. Style your hair and wear comfortable, yet #businesscasual clothing, just in case you have #Zooms or other meetings where you'll be visible and need to be presentable.

HDC TIP #2: Find a Quiet & Productive Space to Work - If you live in a house with a build in-home office or one-bedroom apartment, you can easily create a space in your home that will be your dedicated work area to conduct business. If you don't have a desk, use your kitchen or dining room table. And, although it may be extremely tempting, avoid working from your cozy bed, as it is difficult being professional or industrious when you are surrounded by comfy pillows, and it can also cause back problems.

HDC TIP #3: Remember You're Still at Work - If you're working from home, your manager won't be looking over your shoulder. With that said, you may feel inclined to watch a little TV, do some online shopping, Instagram scrolling, and Pinterest pinning more than you would typically do at the office. You can think about it, but DO NOT do it!

If you get easily distracted, wait until you go on your break, grab your cell phone and set the timer for a reasonable amount of time, between 15-30 minutes, to get your dose of entertainment and keep it moving! The same logic and rationale go with eating throughout the day. Take an hour for lunch and to clear your mind. Also decide what you will have for breakfast and lunch, along with some healthy snacks ahead of time, so you aren't wasting work time!

HDC TIP #4: Create a Daily To-Do List – Infinite work from home tips won't help if you don't adhere to them. Yet, just as school-aged kids have had to adjust to remote-learning and adhering to a routine, you can do the same. To focus and stay on target throughout the day, create a work-related To-Do List at the start of each day and keep it at your side.

Check off the tasks as you complete the list for the day. When you have a list of tasks at the ready, it will keep you focused and ensure all items on your list get done! Keeping a daily #ToDoList with your work start and end time, helps you maintain your regular work hours and schedule, thus ensuring you are productive and not overworking.

HDC TIP #5: Utilize & Enforce Do Not Disturb - If you live with roommates, a significant other, or family members, let them know you need a sensible amount of quietness when working from home. It is essential that you ask for no interruptions during certain hours or at least only for pertinent issues, and make sure to define what they need.

HDC TIP #6: Stay in Touch With Others – During this time, it's critically important to stay in touch with others. Socially connect and reach out to your co-workers to find out how they're coping and what's working for them. Also, plan something fun for after work or the last few hours of work, like a #VirtualHappyHour. Doing this will not only break up the monotony o the workday, but it allows you and your co-workers to de-stress, have a few drinks or appetizers, and some great laughs – even if it is online!

By implementing these easy to follow & practical work-from-home tips, you'll make this routine and see a further reduction in your distractions while working remotely!

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